When mantras get manifested, light or a higher knowledge descends in the form of SOUNDS.

MantraSOUND is a descending superior spirituality and the harmony of delicate sounds and silences, as the finely accompanied ancient mantras create harmony in our heart and mind, and transform our whole being, approaching it to the soul. The encounter of music and sound with the inner harmony of mantras gives birth to a deep mantra meditation and creates a path towards a higher consciousness. The science of sounds creates a sophisticated musical flow, which completely reveals the spiritual power of the mantra and the beautiful dimension of the soul or Atman of man and that of the universe. Virinchi Shakti | Judit Eszter Bakos

MantraSOUND has a unique style, it combines the rhythmic dynamics of ancient mantras with the sophisticated toolkit of classical music, Vedic melodies as well as certain elements of meditation, new-age and ambient music.

The members of MantraSOUND are a group of circle of friends, who are devoted to yoga, meditation Vedic culture and philosophy, too.  They harmonized themselves not only in mantra meditation and music, but in self-knowledge, consciousness and the practical way of self development as well.

We kindly expect you to come to our concerts and events.  It is really great to be together with people, whose devotion to develop the same as ours.

Mantra heals the body and the mind.

The mantra gives life power.

Mantra leads to inner peace.

Mantra leads to inner freedom.

Mantra makes our willpower stronger.

Mantra puts us on the path of consciousness.

Mantra connects all of us.

Mantra is the path of inner peace.

Mantra is also the path to eternal endless and consciousness.