Virinchi Shakti | Judit Eszter Bakos

mantra singer, yoga teacher, founder of Narada Vedic Academy, Danvantara Publishing House and Brahmana Mission

In my childhood, active musical practice and sport determined my everyday life. I learned to play two instruments, the violin and the piano, besides I was a competitive athlete. As a teenager, I took an ever-deepening interest in self-awareness and consciousness, I would even say that these were the only things I was interested in. I played music, I did sports and I was buried in books of self-awareness. Then I completed my classical musical training getting familiar with Indian and Tibetan musical traditions.

In around 2000, Vedic music, philosophy and yoga carried me away completely. It was at this time that I started to practice yoga regularly and to use relaxation and meditation methods. I have developed a deep affection towards this tradition which is getting ever more intense. Vedic culture, music and yoga gave me a new life-purpose, a sophisticated and conscious lifestyle which I have been developing since then, and I am trying to do my best to pass on this knowledge at my mantraOSUND concerts, yoga classes, singing bowl relaxation evenings, and with my CDs of Vedic music and books.

In parallel to my spiritual quest, I obtained a PhD degree in engineering economics at the Szent István University.

I have learnt Vedanta and yoga philosophy under the guidance of my husband and collaborator, Attila Bakos and I deepened my hatha yoga knowledge with the help of Mukesh Kotari yoga master. Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Ritavan taught me meditation and Swami Anandananda introduced me to kriya. I deepened my singing skills under the guidance of Katalin Pitti opera singer and Zsuzsa Radnai taught me how to play the singing bowls.

Since 2002, I have regularly travelled to India, the genuine hub of Vedic arts, to practice and to meditate, and in 2003, I was given a Brahmana initiation to a South-Indian tradition.

As a co-founder, I participated in the creation of Brahmana Mission and in 2007, my husband and I founded Danvantara Publishing House and Narada Vedic Academy, the open-enrolment university of Vedic and ancient culture. Our aim is to pass on those academic and practical teachings of yoga, yoga psychology and Vedic philosophy that can be used in our everyday life and to give an insight to Vedic arts, especially to the eternally flowing world of Vedic music or mantra music through concerts, trainings and different events.


I have released the following solo musical albums in the recent years:

  1. GAYATRi SOUND CONNECTiONS: The Gāyatrī mantra, the 7-Chakra Gāyatrī & Top12 God & Goddess Gāyatrīs. Om |  is the primordial vibration, out of which everything is created. Gāyatrī-mantra is an essential manifestation of Om, and is the most effective mantra of all, thus it supports every yogi, brāhmana, sādhaka and seeker of the truth. Gāyatrī is an impenetrable spiritual defense. It bestows divine characteristics upon the initiated sādhaka, who steadily practices it, and blesses him or her with spiritual enlightenment (Samādhi). Its use is universal, since Gāyatrī is an honest prayer to the light, to Paramātma, to the Holy Spirit, to the Eternal Truth (Brahman). It is the spiritual guide of humanity. These ancient, traditional mantras can support us as prayers, while we discover and deploy our subtle inner abilities. Intro on the publisher’s site: CLICK HERE!
  2. Om Shanti - Cosmic Peace:  To live a meaningful and creative everyday life, we need abilities (Siddhis) and energy (Shakti), but we also need to foster them. By the time we attain our desired goal, we might have lost our inner peace (Shanti) and content (Santosha) due to the numerous efforts we have made on our journey. We tend to waste our Shanti energy without refilling it consciously.  To attain a constant state of plenitude (Purnam) and experience the quality of balance and inner peace, we can invoke the mantras of the Vedas and Upanishads. This consciously created Virinchi Shakti compilation contains these Shanti Mantras. I recommend it to everyone. | Attila Bakos Intro on the publisher’s site: CLICK HERE!
  3.  Sounds of Creation | Agni Hotra: Our album entitled Sounds of Creation comprises the Purusha Suktam mantra, the hymn of cosmic creation and other mantras that foster our individual creation and creative powers, help to attract and maintain well-being, wealth, health, pure love and a harmonic relationship, and to remove obstacles and support our spiritual-psychic development. Intro  on the publisher’s site: CLICK HERE!
  4. ChakraSOUND meditations: the aim of this album is to harmonize the functioning of the chakras with the help of traditional chakra bija (core) mantras and integrating chakra sounds and instrumental and singing bowl music composed for this purpose, thus creating an invisible path to beauty, mental and physical harmony, fulfilment, satisfaction and a successful life. Intro on the publisher’s site: CLICK HERE!
  5. MantraSOUND meditations 1. classic: this album is based on a unique musical style. We combined classical music with ancient Vedic mantra-chanting, which gave birth to a unique musical composition. Intro on the publisher’s site: CLICK HERE!


The Team:

  • Virinchi Shakti  •  Judit Eszter Bakos | composer, singer
  • Attila Bakos | mantra translations from Sanskrit language, prose
  • Mihály Duffek Jr. |  co-composer, bassoon
  • Aya Sawada | violin
  • Ádám Horváth, Krisztina Szabó | vocal, choir
  • Viktor Halász | sound engineering
  • the artistic group of Narada Vedic Academy & Brahmana Mission