ChakraSOUND meditations

Virinchi Shakti

Chakra harmonisation with singing bowls, chakra bija mantras and chakra meditation music.

We prepared this album to harmonize the functioning of the chakras with the help of traditional chakra bija (core) mantras and integrating chakra sounds and instrumental and singing bowl music composed for this purpose, thus creating an invisible path to beauty, mental and physical harmony, fulfilment, satisfaction and a successful life.

Chakra science, in a slightly different way… Chakras are subtle physical energy centres that are not perceivable for the senses and through which the spiritual and material planes get in touch and maintains connection. Chakras work constantly, even if we are not aware of them. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “movement”. All of us have 7 main spinning energy centres or chakras. Our chakras are located along the spinal column, one above the other. The three lower chakras are mainly connected to the physical existence while the three upper are linked to the spiritual life. Heart chakra is a bridge which unites the physical with the spiritual.

It is through our chakras that our karma or destiny manifests. If we have to work on a certain area of life, besides mental work, it is worth paying attention to the proper functioning of the appropriate chakra.


  • Virinchi Shakti ▪ Judit Eszter Bakos PhD | composing, vocals, singing bowls
  • Attila Bakos | revision, prose
  • Dr. Mihály Duffek | composing, bassoon, choir
  • Aya Sawada | violin
  • Krisztina Szabó | choir
  • György Barnabás Balogh | choir
  • Ádám Horváth | choir
  • Erika Osváth | choir
  • Viktor Halász | sound engineering
  • Krisztián Heisz | photo-video