Virinchi Shakti

bṛhat-sāma tathā sāmnāṁ      gāyatrī chandasām aham
māsānāṁ  mārga-śīrṣo 'ham      ṛtūnāṁ  kusumākaraḥ 
Bhagavad-gītā 10.35.

Of the Sāma-veda hymns, I am the Bṛhatṣ-sāma, of the poems I am the Gāyatrī-mantra. Of the months I am the Mārga-śirṣa, the first month, and of the seasons I am the blooming spring.

Om | ॐ is the primordial vibration, out of which everything is created. Gāyatrī-mantra is an essential manifestation of Om, and is the most effective mantra of all, thus it supports every yogi, brāhmana, sādhaka and seeker of the truth. Gāyatrī is an impenetrable spiritual defense. It bestows divine characteristics upon the initiated sādhaka, who steadily practices it, and blesses him or her with spiritual enlightenment (Samādhi). Its use is universal, since Gāyatrī is an honest prayer to the light, to Paramātma, to the Holy Spirit, to the Eternal Truth (Brahman). It is the spiritual guide of humanity. Everyone following a spiritual path can consider it their own, since it is a spiritual practice leading to the Nirguna Brahman, the Absolute with no material qualities or description, who is the divine light above the dualistic world. Thus its sincere practitioners can enjoy its enlightening power (mokṣa). Gāyatrī, which has been a secret, initiating mantra for several thousands of years, lifts the consciousness and realization of the practitioner from the lowest chakra or consciousness center to the highest.

Besides the Gayatri mantra, the album also contains the 7-chakra Gayatri, the cover of 12 more Gāyatris dedicated to 12 primordial gods and goddesses of the Vedic culture. These ancient, traditional mantras can support us as prayers, while we discover and deploy our subtle inner abilities. I hope you will enjoy this unique album.  Attila Bakos

  1.  7-chakra gayatri mantra ◦ 2’10
  2.  Gayatri mantra ◦ 7’13
  3.  Guru gayatri  ◦ 5’28
  4.  Dhanvantari gayatri  ◦ 1’12
  5.  Ganesa gayatri  ◦ 7’01
  6.  Siva gayatri   ◦ 6’12
  7.  Parvati gayatri   ◦ 6’23
  8.  Agni gayatri   ◦ 00’59
  9.  Brahma gayatri  ◦ 7’00
10.  Saraswati gayatri   ◦ 6’32
11.  Visnu gayatri ◦ 6’09
12.  Laksmi gayatri  ◦ 5’52
13.  Krsna gayatri ◦ 6’54
14.  Hamsa gayatri ◦ 1’02

THE TEAM  Virinchi Shakti ◦ Judit Eszter Bakos: composer, mantra singer 
Aninda Sundar ◦ Attila Bakos: Sanskrit-Hungarian mantra translations, sanskrit rhyming, choir 
Mihály Duffek: co-composer, instrumentation, bassoon, choir 
Aya Sawada: violin 
Viktor Halász: recording, mixing, editing, mastering 
Aruna ◦ Ádám Horváth: choir, IT support 
Krishnakanti ◦ Krisztina Szabó: choir 
Tunga Vidya ◦ Tünde Gáspár-Csubák ◦ choir
Ekantika ◦ Éva Berki: Hungarian-English translation 
Réka Pusztai-István ◦ cover design, tipography