MantraSOUND Meditations

Virinchi Shakti



Mantra music with ancient, healing mantras

The mantras featuring on MandtraSOUND meditations album open the heart, promote health, dissolve physical and mental blocks, and give space to the flow of life-force. They foster faith in ourselves, in our inner powers and inner Self, they promote inner freedom and our spiritual-psychic development.

Healing mantras appear mainly in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Their aim is to reset, maintain and protect health, and to end illness, contributing to a long, well-balanced, happy and successful life (ex. Maha Mrityunjaya and Gayatri mantra).

The mantras on the album lead us to experience satisfaction originating from the soul and inner peace. I recommend it to everyone.

Immerse in the flow of eternal time.



Virinchi Shakti ▪ Judit Eszter Bakos | composing, vocals

Attila Bakos | revision, prose

Mihály Duffek | composing, bassoon

Aya Sawada | violin

Péter Kiss Dala | harmonica

Arnold Soos | hang drum

Ádám Horváth | choir

Viktor Halász | sound engineering

Krisztián Heisz | photo-video