Om Shanti | Cosmic Peace

Virinchi Shakti・Bakos Judit Eszter

Peace (Shanti) cannot be attained by those who try to satisfy their desires. Only those can attain it who are not troubled by the constant flood of desires (Kama), which flow like rivers to the constantly growing but always still ocean.

To live a meaningful and creative everyday life, we need abilities (Siddhis) and energy (Shakti), but we also need to foster them. By the time we attain our desired goal, we might have lost our inner peace (Shanti) and content (Santosha) due to the numerous efforts we have made on our journey. We tend to waste our Shanti energy without refilling it consciously.

To attain a constant state of plenitude (Purnam) and experience the quality of balance and inner peace, we can invoke the mantras of the Vedas and Upanishads. This consciously created Virinchi Shakti compilation contains these Shanti Mantras. I recommend it to everyone. | Attila Bakos


1.   Laksmī mantra - pradhana  ・  3’41
2.   Om sarveshām svastir bhavatu ・ 5’23
3.   Om namo bhagavate vāsudevāya  ・ 5’34
4.   Ganesha gāyatrī  ・ 7’02
5.   Hari om siva om  ・ 6’06
6.   Sri rām jey rām & sita ram mantra ・ 6’57
7.   Soham sivoham   ・ 6’20
8.   Patanjali mantra ・ 3’43
9.   Vishnu gayatrī ・ 6’09
10. Lakshmī gāyatrī  ・ 5’51
11. Jey rādhā-mādhava  ・ 5’32
12. Om saha nāvavatu ・ 5’10
Ω. Gayatrī mantra  | Remix3 ・ 7’25

Style: mantra music, ambient-, new age- and meditation music

The team

Virinchi Shakti ・ Judit Eszter Bakos | composer, singer
Aninda Sundar ・Attila Bakos | Sanskrit-Hungarian mantra translation, sanskrit rhyming, choir
Mihály Duffek | co-composer, instrumentation, bassoon, choir
Aya Sawada | violin
László Lakatos | flute
Viktor Halász | recording, mixing, editing, mastering
Krsnakanthi ・ Krisztina Szabó | choir
Aruna ・ Ádám Horváth | choir | IT support
Ekantika ・ Éva Berki | Hungarian-English translation
Diána Osváth | Tipography
Braja ・ Beáta Bota | Cover photo