Sounds of Creation

Virinchi Shakti



Vedic mantra music

Our album entitled Sounds of Creation comprises the Purusha Suktam mantra, the hymn of cosmic creation and other mantras that foster our individual creation and creative powers, inspire us in the everyday life to develop and strengthen material, emotional and mental well-being and help us in self-development and spiritual-psychical evolution.

In India, in the Orient, musical mantra meditations have a long tradition. The little sadhakas jogis and joginis et familiar with the most important mantras at an early age. There are mantras that aim at attaining a certain quality for example fortune, success, well-being, health, inner peace, love or knowledge. Others inspire us to address a certain godhead.

The vibration of mantras help us to become more well-balanced in the everyday life, it has a positive effect on our thoughts, it promotes health and contribute to our spiritual-psychical development on a higher level, creating a bridge between our outer and inner world.

The mantra is an object of meditation, its power leads the meditator to the state of consciousness of the sage who first saw the mantra. According to Vedic and Tantric scriptures, the rishis (the seers of the mantras) noted down how the Light of Truth illuminates all aspects of life. This light is not the one we can see with our eyes, but the radiance of the knowledge that reveals the secret of the unknown and unseen. With the appearance of this light, the divine SOUND, as a certain pure consciousness appears too.



Virinchi Shakti ▪ Judit Eszter Bakos | composing, vocals, singing bowls

Attila Bakos | revision, prose

Mihály Duffek | composing, bassoon

Aya Sawada | violin

Péter Kiss Dala | harmonica, choir

Krisztina Szabó | choir

György Barnabás Balogh | choir

Ádám Horváth | choir

Erika Osváth | choir

Viktor Halász | sound engineering

Krisztián Heisz | photo-video