Ya devi sarva bhuteshu | mantra a vágyaink beteljesüléséért

ya devi sarva bhuteshu "shakti"  rupena samsthita   namas tasyai, namas tasyai, namas tasyai namo namaha 
"shakti"– life-force; "vidya"– knowledge; "lakshmi"  – material welfare; “prema"  – loving harmony; "buddhi" – intelligence; "moksa" – enlightenment; "bhakti" – devotion;

I bow to the Goddess within all beings. Oh Devi, may you bless me with vitality, knowledge, wealth, love, forgiveness, intelligence, faith, and peace. May you help me attain liberation and reach pure devotion.
content: With this mantra we ask for the blessing of Sri Devi to develop and maintain the values that are important for us in all aspects of our life.