Purusha Suktam | védikus teremtés

Vedic creation • Purusha Suktam • Extract Rig-veda 10.90.01–07

pranama: sri gurubhyo namah – hari om

peace invocation:
tacam yoravrnimahe | gatum yajnaya | gatum yajnapataye | daivi svastirastu nah | svastirmanushebhhyah | urdhvam jigatu bhesajam | sham no astu dvipade | sham chatushpade |
om shantih shantih shantih ||

meaning: Let us pray to the Supreme Lord for the well-being of all creatures. Oh, Lord, may you liberate us from all problems, suffering and imperfections, and may we praise your name at the sacred fire ceremonies forever and ever. May the virtuous plants come up in their full force and may they be cure for illnesses. May the gods pour peace on us and may every being live in happiness. Oh, Lord, may peace fill the heart of every being. 

Rig-veda 10.90.1
Om sahasrashirsha purushah | sahasrakshas sahasrapat |
sa bhumim vishvato vritva atyatishthaddashangulam ||

meaning: Om. The Supreme Lord, in the form of the universe, has a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet, and he contains all the living entities. Having pervaded the universe completely to give it existence, being independent, he extended himself even beyond the universe by ten fingers.

Rig-veda 10.90. 2
purusha evedam sarvam | yad bhutam yaccha bhavyam
utamritatvasyeshanah | yadannenatirohati ||

meaning: The universes, past, present and future, are the manifestations of the Supreme Lord who expands himself as Purusha. He is the Lord of Immortality, yet he manifests himself in the universe as Purusha so that the jiva-souls may enjoy material fruits.

Rig-veda 10.90. 3
etavan asya mahima | ato jyayamshcha purushah |
pado ’sya vishva bhutani | tripad asyamritam divi ||

meaning: The past, present and future universes are the manifestations of the Lord’s energy, but the Lord himself is much greater. The material creation is but one quarter portion, while the eternal nature in the spiritual sky exists in three quarter portions.

Rig-veda 10.90. 4
tripadurdhva udaitpurushah | pado ’syeha bhavatpunah |
tato vishvanvyakramat | sashananashane abhi ||

meaning: The three quarters portion of the Lord is spiritual; therefore, it transcended the material portion. The Lord of the one quarter portion manifested the universe again, as he had done so many times before. The Lord of the one quarter portion began the work of creation by going round and round, thus giving form to all animate and inanimate objects.

Rig-veda 10.90. 5
tasmadviradjayata | virajo adhi purushah |
sa jato atyarichyata | pashchadbhumimatho purah ||

meaning: From that Lord the Virat or universe was born, and in that the universe of the Virat Purusha, the Paramatma (Supreme Spirit) of the universe was born. The manifested Virat Purusha created the earth and the different bodies of the jiva-souls.

Rig-veda 10.90. 6
yatpurushena havisha | deva yajnamatanvata ||
vasanto asyasidajyam | grishma idhmassharaddhavih ||

meaning: The devas (demigods), the first beings manifested, performed a mental sacrifice for the completion of creation, using the Virat Purusha (all the elements making up the material world) as the offering. Spring was the ghee (clarified butter), summer was the firewood, and autumn was the offering. 

Rig-veda 10.90. 7
saptasyasanparidhayah | trih sapta samidhah kritah |
deva yadyajnam tanvanah | abadhnanpurusham pashum ||

meaning: In this sacrifice, there were seven sharp vetiver blades (mantras vibrating on the seven Vedic poetic metres) scattered around the fire (for protection from the rakshasas), and there were twenty-one pieces of firewood (12 months, 6 seasons, and 3 worlds). The devas who were performing the mental sacrifice (mental and fine physical), tied the Virat Purusa to the column of the sacrificial fire, in the same way a sacrificial animal is offered. (based on the Hungarian translation of Attila Bakos)